To Chris or Not to Chris

that is the question!


Well, I’m on hiatus after a very busy season of facilitating, presenting, and hosting tons of events through the holidays; as well as traveling to work several pretty awesome acting gigs this year too!

In January, I went into Classical Kids Music Education‘s latest production, Gershwin’s Magic Key. I’m playing George himself, and we’re performing in gigantic, beautiful symphony halls, which ended up filled to the brim with well over 1000 peeps – young people, families, and orchestra patrons of all ages. I am always blown away by the overwhelming response to these shows – amazed and grateful to be a part of this awesome ride!

After that, I jumped on stage again as Vivaldi and Giovanni in Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery (also with CKME) for several performances, and everyone really seemed to love it! I remember seeing really well done theatrical productions when I was younger, and I can only hope we inspired a few minds to open up the doors to their own creative spirits! 

Then I was so busy with emceeing and hosting and such, that I had to stay off the boards for a couple of months, but fortunately got back soon after! Had another run at Gershwin, this time in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT! Got to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and share the stage with Rachel York of Broadway fame, so it was a preeeeeetty good run…!

And I wrapped up the season with a few bookings of CKME’s third show with which I am involved, Beethoven Lives Upstairs. Traveled to the east coast and Canada – West Virginia, Maryland, and Calgary – to tell the story of Christoff and his eccentric upstairs neighbor – who turns out to be one of the greatest musical geniuses in history, of course – in this award-winning production!

I’m really thankful to be an integral part of these fully-realized productions in front of some of the best symphonies in the world, and helping to reveal the passion and artistry of some of our greatest composers to new listeners all over the globe. Many of these amazing productions are partially, and sometimes fully made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts, so I, and thousands of wide-eyed children and music-lovers around the world, are very grateful for this continuing governmental support of artistic excellence.

Hope to see you on the road with all the events, trade shows, and touring shows!

…and keep checking back to see what’s next on the acting horizon!  –CHRIS

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