Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery


Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery

CKME – specifically,¬†Classical Kids LIVE! – is a symphony concert theatre company I have had the absolute joy to be involved with for many years now. We do several productions, each based on a different composer, and travel the globe performing in front of, and with, some of the world’s best orchestras. I get to play Antonio Vivaldi, the Uncle of a lad who lives below Beethoven, and George Gershwin for our latest addition to the repertory – Gershwin’s Magic Key (CK Live also produces shows featuring Mozart and Tchaikovsky!)

Over two million attendees throughout the world – CKME has toured to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, The Netherlands, and all over Canada and the U.S. – have enjoyed these magically staged theatrical concerts designed to bring to life the extraordinary lives and the musical masterpieces of the great classical composers. When we’re in your neck of the woods, be sure to come out and see us!